My cat Pilou, now two years old, eating his birthday cake

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Vive le Muguet du Premier Mai!

Happy belated Birthday to frau_flora
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A Day to Remember: Gordon Jackson's 25th Death Anniversary
Just a few nice pictures to honor the memory of Gordon (Cameron) Jackson, who died this same day, twenty years ago, much too young and beloved by all those who had known him or just viewed his performance in so many films and shows.

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Don't forget to visit this wonderful site: where you can leave your tribute.

Happy New Year to Cats and People
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Happy Birthday to st_crispins

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Have a wonderful day!

I seize the opportunity to apologize for all the birthdays among my friends I have missed those last months. Call it depression or laziness or both but I was unable to achieve anything.

Out of the Dark, Chapter Seventeen, Parts One and Two
Seems I've forgotten to post on my own LJ the two last parts of my current Pros story in the same time I published them to teaandswissroll; So, here they are:

And then, he was there, just in front of him: a dark figure against the light, blurrily framed by the darker background of the copse. A moment before there was nothing to see but the barely quivering branches of the fir trees and a lonely rock in the foreground. The sudden clink of a stone behind him had distracted Cowley for a split second. Repressing a move of anger, he spoke gently: “Bodie? Why are you hiding?”

He still couldn't see him distinctly but he had a feeling the man was sneering. He got no answer. The silence stretched. Then a sardonic bark:

“Sure, I have no reason for hiding: I'm just being hounded by all the special forces in the country.”

“Much exaggerated: it's only MI6, a team of three men who are under strict orders not to fire.”

Cowley saw his opponent stiffen. “You're well informed.”

“Not quite, not until I questioned the poor fellow you threw overboard into the silt, minus his weapons; a very upset fellow by the way, and nicely talkative.

“And of course you'd heard nothing from Angus.”

“Not much, and too late.”

“I don't believe you.”

“Come on, Bodie...”

The young man stepped forward out of the shadow. He was indeed sneering.

“What's the fairy tale of the day? “I give you my word: Be faithful to me and I won't let you down, whatever happens,” remember?

Cowley froze; those very words had haunted him since Angus called in the morning. “I remember; I never lied to you, Bodie. Trust me.”

“I don't trust you any more.”Read more...Collapse )

As usual, all comments are very welcome.

Happy (slightly belated) Birthday to vysila!

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Happy Birthday to nakeisha!

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Enjoy the pleasures of the day, the pressies and the food. I wish you the best for the year to come.

Happy (slightly) Belated Birthday tofrau_flora

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No, I haven't forgotten but I was invited today and so delayed for everything.

Sure you had a great day, full of Food, Friends and Fun (my favourite trilogy).

Friendly yours,


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